Wednesday, May 2, 2018

And the Winner Is...

With only three comments on my 500th blog post the chances are very good!!  So the winner of one dozen cupcakes of your choice goes to my Dad!!!

I think he won the last contest I had too!!!  Oh well, he can't make any for himself and he is always very faithful about reading my blog.  So faithful in fact that I get reminded to update it when the same post has been up for more than a week!

We had a super fun activity with the Young Women last night, sorry no pictures as I was busy learning!!!  We have decided to divide the weeks up and rotate through who is in charge of the activity for the week!!  What a great idea, as it provides variety and the leaders aren't having to think of something fun and exciting every week for the girls!  This was my week!

I had asked Jared if he would be able to teach the girls how to change a tire and change the oil in their car!  He was totally up for it, even with his busy schedule!  We used our Jimmy for teaching purposes, and thankfully too as it was way over due to have the oil changed!  First the girls located the tools needed to change a tire.  Then they each took a turn loosening the lug nuts and jacking the jimmy up.  They did well at changing the tire and we even were treated to some Chelsea techniques that were really quite ingenious!!!

Onto the oil change!  Each of the girls got under the vehicle and located where the oil plug was and the oil filter!  Emry took the plug out and Chelsea changed the filter.  Elista and Autumn were in love with Gibson and spent a lot of time petting him, much to his delight!!  Jared put the plug back in and Elista filled the jimmy with oil!!  Emry started it up and to our great surprise there were no leaks!!  They did a wonderful job!!  Autumn checked the air filter and filled up the windshield washer fluid!  They all seemed to have a really good time and learned so much!!  I told them they would be able to teach their future husbands how to do this!!  They all hoped their husbands would already know how to do it!!  Even Melanie said she learned a lot, and it was great to be brushed up on her tire changing skills!!  After, we had popsicles and Emry took the girls for a tour on the quad to see the baby calves!  A highlight for sure! 

I love being in the Young Women's, especially with Emry, but all the girls are wonderful and make each Sunday lesson and Tuesday activity special!  I love getting to know them better, I love hearing about their days, their challenges and their successes!!  I love serving with Heather and Melanie and have learned so much from each of them!  They truly are examples to me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

500th Blog Post

Today marks my 500th blog post!!!  I thought it would be fun to do a contest!! For everyone who comments on this post I will enter your name in a draw to win a dozen cupcakes of your choice!!!

With calving upon us there is not much to report other than calving!!  For the 8-10 year olds at church they have activity days once a month.  This month their leader wondered if they could come out and look at the new calves and learn about what it takes to look after them!  Calum was excited to have the boys come out, and I even thought he'd be braver around the cows because of the boys coming.  But alas, he stayed in the Jimmy and watched from the open window!!

When Vance and Sister Jackson got to our house Jared told them he would go ahead and catch a calf, hopefully a new one, in the calf catcher and we would ride behind in the Jimmy and get out into the calf catcher once the little guy was inside!  All went according to plan and we were able to tag a new little calf!  A cute little heifer!!  Vance was even able to have her suck on his thumb.  They pet her all while Jared tagged and recorded in the book!!  The mother was nice and calm and would come up the cage every so often to make sure all was well with her baby!  It went over really well with the boys, and they were able to learn lots and see what it's like to be on a farm!  They even saw a dead calf who had for some unknown reason died earlier that day.  Janice was able to tie in a message and a scripture about being kind to animals.  We had Popsicles on the front porch before they had to leave!  A great learning experience for them.

I was able to get a great picture one windy day of one of our cows who has horns!  She is so funny looking she's actually cute!!! 

We are in full spring mode now that the snow has finally melted.  Calves are coming, grass is greening up and the days are longer!!  With these longer days Jared and I and sometimes Armin and Emry have been walking at night!  Just as the sun sets!!  Makes for some gorgeous pictures!  Jared has been carrying his .22 on our walks because we came across a skunk one night!  Sadly, no sign of it since that one night!!  Or maybe it's thankfully!!!  Jared really wants to shoot it though, he shot one already this year, we seem to be over run with them in our area!

The kids are getting ready to start coach pitch and golf.  And they are all excited!  There are only 2 months of school left, it goes so fast, faster now that they are all in school full time!!  But I wouldn't change this time of my life for anything!  Well, maybe the state of my house, but that will change all too soon!  Emry turns 14 next week and is studying like mad for her learner's license!  She'll be able to go to the Church Youth Conference next month too.  How did my precious little girl get so big?

Life isn't slowing down at all.  I'm enjoying every minute and savoring the time I have with my kids while it lasts!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

First Calf and Favorite Cow

We started calving last Friday, a little early but only by about a week!  She's a cute little thing, so tiny!  I look forward to this time of year, though it is a bit more stressful, I love seeing the new life moving around out in the field, even though it means more frequent checks which is not always fun especially through this rotten mud!!

We had to sell my favorite cow this year.  I was pretty sad about that, Jared hung onto her for a number of years for me because I liked her so much.  But this was her final straw.  She was a wonderful mom, though a little aggressive and she always jumped when she was in the chute.  She was either going to hurt someone or herself or even another cow.  So he made the decision to let her go this year.  I wasn't even consulted!!  But I knew it was her time.  She was my favorite because she was part Galloway and part Red Angus.  The Galloway gave her a very distinctive look, her tail was red and black with ringlets and around her head she had black fur around the edges of her eyes and framing her face!  She was beautiful!!  So we still have one cow that has similar features to my Number 2, her name is Date Night!!!  The reason behind her name, Jared and I had to pull her calf a couple of years ago the same night we had planned on going out!  She didn't ruin our date completely, we did still get to spend time with each other which is always a plus no matter how we get it!!  And her calf lived, so added bonus!!

Calving brings new life to the farm!  I love it!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter 2018

Our annual General Conference fell on Easter weekend this year.  Conference was so wonderful, I enjoyed all the talks so much.  It was so nice to be able to stand and sustain our new Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson!  He will be a wonderful prophet to lead and guide us!  There were also many changes and new temples announced at conference.  A temple will be built in Russia, so cool.

We were able to celebrate Easter with my Mom and Owen.  Mom made a yummy turkey with all the trimmings and I made a fancy cheesecake for dessert!  We watched some movies, hung out, and visited.  It was very quiet but so nice to be with family!

Easter Monday, our Easter bunny came and delivered some goodies for the kids!  First they had to follow the clues that led them around the house to a their basket!  They had fun looking for the clues.  Later that day we had my Dad, Arren and Buck and Gil and Lily over for a yummy Easter feast!  I put a ham in the slow cooker and had planned on making whipping cream scalloped potatoes but Arren had a whole pan of garlic mashed potatoes leftover from her dinner the day before so she brought those, she also brought Calum's favorite jello pretzel salad!! I put together a tray of veggies in the shape of a carrot, which no one touched except Armin!!! Him and his veggies!!!  It was nice to be able to entertain family and spend time together!!!

Wednesday our family left for a mini vacation before things get really crazy with calving on the farm!  We headed out at 9am and made our way to Radium for a couple of days!  We made our first stop in Fernie where we had lunch.  Our next stop wasn't until Fairmont, where we went to the Hot Springs for the afternoon!  Our third stop was in Invermere where we stocked up on groceries for the next couple of days at the condo we would be staying at!  Finally getting to our condo we unloaded groceries and started supper!  Our condo was cute.  It slept us all comfortably with two bathrooms, a kitchen and a livingroom!  After a yummy supper of steak, baked potatoes and Caesar Salad we went for a walk around Radium, what we were really looking for was some ice cream! 

The next morning we leisurely got up, the kids and Jared went for another walk, making it almost to the hot springs when I got a text to pick up Armin!  It was a little far for his spindly little legs!  They walked a total of 4km!!  They saw some Bighorn sheep, and some deer!  After their walk we headed into Invermere again to look around!  And the afternoon was again spent in the Hot Springs!  We finished our day off with another yummy steak dinner at Back Country Jacks, a place Jared and I had gone to years and years earlier!!!

Our drive home was fairly uneventful!!  We went home through Canmore, where we stopped at a yummy pizza place for lunch!  Jared and I had also eaten there years earlier.  It was so good!!  They fire cook the flatbread pizza in a kiln!!  So good!!!!!

It was a wonderful little holiday. A great Easter and a super General Conference!!  Just what I needed to reset for the last little bit of school and work before summer hits!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wedding Bells

On Friday March 16th, 2018 my Mom and Mark got married!!  It was a very quiet celebration with only Arren and I there and Mark's friend DeShaw!  It was held at the Central United Church in Calgary.  An old and beautiful church right in the heart of downtown!  The minister was great!  She really added to the ceremony and made it very personal for them!  DeShaw and Arren were witnesses and I got to be a ring bearer!!!  I gave Mark's ring to mom when it was time to exchange rings!  The vows they wrote for each other were special and sweet, right from the heart!

After the ceremony Mark took us all out for lunch at a little Irish Pub!!  The food was sooooo yummy!!!  It was just down the street from the church so we walked there on the beautiful Spring day!  My mom made her own dress!!!  It was a dress and she converted it into a skirt, she used the sleeve holes as pockets in the skirt! They both wore the jackets they wore when they first met each other!!  It was cute to witness just how in love they are with each other!

It was a beautiful day and so great to spend it with two amazing people! I am thankful for them in my life, for the examples they are to me and for the love they share with me and with each other!  I love seeing my mom so happy, and with Mark by her side I know they will be able to face any challenge that comes their way!

36 Years Old

My birthday this year fell on a Wednesday.  And it was a wonderful day!  Calum was scheduled to get his braces put on so him and I had a date in the city for my birthday!  Armin wasn't feeling great so he hung out with us too!!  I had a funfilled day with my two boys and Calum looks extra cute in his braces.  We went for lunch at the mall where we all had our favorite, Armin had pizza, Calum french fries and me a wrap from Opa!  Yummy!!!

After lunch we headed to Walmart to get groceries.  The boys were so good just following me around.  We left the city and went home where we were met by Jared and Emry also coming home for the day.  Jared had a little huddle with each of the kids and in turn they all came up to me and gave me a little gift!!  From Armin I got a giant mint chocolate bar, from Calum I got the movie Jumanji and from Emry I got a pair of sunglasses!!!  So spoiled!!!  I quickly gave them all hugs and thanked them for the gifts and then we headed out to the Irish concert where we had a most delicious pancake supper!!  Then I quietly slipped away to go to a 31 Gifts party at Arren's house!  Jared stayed and listened to the performers at the Irish concert with the kids.

At Arren's party Mom had made a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me!  It was lovely and so nice of them.  It was fun spending my birthday with my sister and my mom and all the other ladies at the party!  I was spoiled by mom and Arren too!!  Arren gave me the Enjo window treatment and mom gave me a rooster decoration and some totes from Hawaii!!

Jared and I went out for my birthday on Saturday and we had such a great time together!!  I love spending time with him, just the two of us!  We went shopping, where I got a new shirt and updated my cell phone!!!  We ate at The Keg and had melt in your mouth steak and we went to a movie!!  We saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri!!  It was an okay movie, it kept my interest the entire time but then the ending just, for lack of a better word, sucked!!! We came home to kids sleeping soundly and went straight to sleep ourselves!!  It was a late movie so we didn't get home until after midnight!!!  WOW!!! I must be getting old, we used to go to late movies all the time with no thought of what time we'd get home!!!

I always love having a birthday, it is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to what another year will bring!  I had a great birthday this year and am so thankful for all those who took time out of their day to wish me well!!  This year is already shaping up to be pretty amazing too!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Night at Grandpa's and Hematology

After swimming with the Atwood's, the kids and I headed over to Grandpa Glen's for the night!  The boys were excited for a sleep over.  Calum especially likes it because he got a room all to himself!!  Dad took the couch and Emry and Armin and I slept in his bed.  Kinda squishy but we managed, not unlike our sleeping arrangements at home when Armin comes and crawls in with Jared and I!!  Anyway, I didn't sleep great, I think I saw the clock at every hour.  I was worried about over sleeping and missing Emry's hematology appointment.  I should have known better, Emry is always awake on time because of her alarm, she woke me up from a dead sleep promptly at 7:30am!! 

We watched the movie "Wonder" before we all headed off to bed, well except Grandpa and Calum, who decided at 10pm they needed to cook a frozen pizza for a midnight snack!!  Lucky boy!!  Wonder was an excellent show and kept the interest of us all.  It was very heart warming!! 

The next morning, Grandpa made Emry and I a very yummy smoothie and gave us a croissant for breakfast.  The boys and him would be going to McDonald's for pancakes after Emry and I left for her appointment! 

At her appointment we were told to stop the blood thinner injection once we were finished what was given to us after her surgery.  Yay!!!  Emry was excited about that, as the needles have really bruised her tummy.  They didn't really hurt but the look of the bruises were concerning, to the hematology doctor too!!!  I guess Emry should have been putting pressure on the insertion site for at least 10 minutes, not her typical 30 seconds!!  Oops!!!  Who has time to sit for 10 minutes with pressure on their tummy??  Her red blood cells are smaller than they should be which means she is iron deficient, but they hope to increase her iron stores by having us increase iron rich foods in her diet, instead of iron supplements.  So that too was good news!

It was a long drive up to the Children's hospital for that appointment, even after staying in Calgary for the night!!  Emry and I headed over to Market Mall to do a little looking around, neither of us were really in the shopping mood though so we decided to head back to Grandpa's.

It was great spending the night at Grandpa's house, it prevented us from having to leave our house ultra early for Emry's appointment and it gave the boys some time with Grandpa too!!  I am thankful for the medical care Emry is receiving for her broken wrist, we truly are lucky to have the Health Care we do.  I am also thankful to a willing Dad who took time off from his work to host us for a night!!  I couldn't be more blessed!!