Thursday, November 9, 2017

Remembrance Day

I am always so awestruck by our little school! They always go above and beyond in everything they do! Each year they have a mini Remembrance Day service to honor those who have so bravely fought for our freedom! Each grade participated in some way and the Junior high band played! The service started with the junior high playing O Canada, then the Grade 1/2 class sang a a song about their own two hands! I could hear Armin so good, he loves to sing! The message was great, about using your own two hands for good, to comfort others, to show kindness!! Then the grade 3/4 did a little skit about no bullies on the playground! Calum had his lines memorized and you could just see how proud he was of himself!!! I was proud of him too!!! The Grade 5/6 class sang a song about being thankful for their freedom! Then a man who was a member of the military read a speech going out to all the schools!! It was great seeing this man and being able to clap for all he has done in making our country a better place!! I’m happy the kids got to see nd hear it too!! We listened to the last post and stood for a minute of silence, then the band finished the service by a playing “Stand by Me”! It was a great rememinder of why we are here and all we have to be thankful for!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


I do not particularly like Halloween!  I hate finding costumes and the kids getting so much candy!  I hate the decorations and the spookiness.  But, I do love the time we spend together as a family carving pumpkins and going trick or treating!

This year Calum thought he wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda, I even found him a costume early and he loved it!  Then he came across this video on YouTube called Bendy and the Ink Machine.  I've watched some of it with him and I still don't get the point to it, but that is who Calum decided to be for Halloween!  All he needed was a black shirt, black pants, a white bow tie, a cane and a top hat!  I thought I'd just paint his face but my mom, who is so talented, found a black mask and painted it to look like Bendy!  He looked great!  We found all the stuff we needed at Value Village, Emry and Armin's costumes too!  Emry found the cutest, and the only modest pumpkin dress and Armin found a ninja turtle costume!  Perfect!!  Costumes were done!!!

At school the day of Halloween the kids in grades K-6 got to participate in a carnival that the Junior High kids put on!  Emry had fun with her best friend Cale at the snake toss.  The kids came home from the carnival already full of candy!  We had a quick pasta supper while Jared fed cows to prepare them for the upcoming snowstorm.  Then we bundled the kids up and out we went trick or treating!

We stopped at our good friends and neighbor first.  And once back in the car the kids said we weren't allowed to get out and visit anymore!!  On to my mom's and then a few other farms before we headed into Champion to do a few streets there.  In 45 minutes the kids filled two tote size bags full of candy!  We had to make one more stop and it was in Vulcan at the Bishop's house!  Once at home the kids checked their candy and gave mom and dad the things they didn't want, gee thanks!!  It was a little later than usual bedtime and it showed the next morning when everyone woke up tired!!

I am thankful for our three little critters!  Even though they are loud at times and they fight, I still love them and love being around them!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Look Who's 41

Jared recently had a birthday!  He turned 41!!  The day before his birthday we took him out to a Pronghorns Basketball game!  The boys love going because they have a big bouncy house set up!  They came out of there drenched in sweat!!!!  But had so much fun!!  During the last quarter the concession started to give away their left over popcorn.  Both boys came back to us with great big bags of popcorn and even bigger grins on their faces being so pleased with themselves.  The game was exciting and the Pronghorns won!!

The next day was Sunday, Jared's actual birthday!!  It was also the Primary Presentation and the boys did such an excellent job!  Calum and Armin both sang their little hearts out and knew all the words!!  Amazingly, since I'm not a very good mom and don't practice with them!  It was Armin's primary teacher who helped him memorize his part!  And he did too!!

Later that afternoon we had Jared's favorite meal, Chicken Cordon Bleu!!! So yummy and so worth the time it takes to make it!!!  I got him an ice cream cake from The Marble Slab, Raspberry Cheesecake, so creamy and delicious! 

The kids wanted to give him some presents so they got him socks, a huge Toblerone bar, and a Sound Garden record!!  He was very pleased with all his gifts!

I am so thankful for Jared.  I am so thankful he is mine and together we are raising some pretty great kids!!  He truly is my greatest strength and I couldn't imagine my life without him by my side!!!

Happy Birthday to my very best friend!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Last night we took Emry to see Whitehorse, a folk rock duo that Jared and I fell in love with when we saw them live at the University Theater a couple of years ago.  Now that they are a little more well known they travel with a full band.  When Jared and I saw them it was just the two of them (a husband and wife).  It was so cool to see them that way, when they performed they would put all their sounds on a loop machine so as to sound like they had a full band with them.  First he would do a beat on the drum, then a riff on the guitar.  She would sing back up vocals, loop it and then the two of them would pick up their guitars and away they'd go!  It was quite the thing to see.  This time however, they had an organist, a drummer and a bass guitarist with them.  Still amazing! They would harmonize with each other and the sound they made was beautiful! 

The concert was held in the South Minster United Church, we sat on the second level at the very top!  We had a great view of the stage and the sound was awesome!  Emry thoroughly enjoyed herself!  She fell in love with the albums we bought the first time we saw them and they have been a staple in the car on long trips!!  They did not disappoint for her!  It was a great time had by all!!

Friday, October 13, 2017


We had a rather quiet Thanksgiving this year!!  We only had one dinner to go to and it was at my Mom's, and it was only our family, Arren's family and Avi there to celebrate!  But it was a great time with lots of laughs, great visiting and of course food!!!

I really enjoy spending time with family and having cousins play together!!  Mark had found a bicycle just Armin's size so he had to go out and give it a try!  The day started out kind of snowy but turned into a beautiful fall day, with only a little wind!!

Mom had found hair extensions the exact same color as Calum and Lily’s hair!  The boys had a great time pretending they were girls!!! Armin put them on and then wore a hat on top, he came into the living room and asked in his girliest voice if anyone wanted to play!!! Calum too put them on but wasn’t as into it as Armin was, but still he liked to pretend, they thought they were hilarious!!!

Everyone out did themselves with the food!! Mom made a turkey and a ham.  Arren brought mashed potatoes and a fruit salad.  I did roasted sweet potatoes with pumpkin pie spices dredged all over, and a delightful Raspberry Fluff salad!!! We had pies galore, pumpkin, pecan and rhubarb! There definitely was not a shortage of food!

Thanksgiving is one the few times a year we take time to acknowledge our blessings! I truly am grateful for who I am, for where I live and with who I get to share all these wonderful experiences with!! Life couldn’t be better, I’m thankful each and everyday for all I am blessed with!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Moving Cows

We moved our cows home the last Saturday in September.  It was a gorgeous morning, we started at 8am and the sun coming up was beautiful!!!  Emry invited her friend Cale to come along and help and he sure had a great time!

I had the job of driving the tractor again this year since my foot is still a little tender and walking 3 miles on it really would not do it any good!!  I got to the field last with the tractor and by the time I  did get there everyone else was getting the cows all gathered so I made my way through the open gate and then noticed all the cows running toward me.  I began to panic, thinking Jared was changing the way we usually move them so I quickly turned the tractor around and headed back out of the open gate.  Little did I know he was NOT changing the way we moved them and I proceeded to mess everything up!  Despite the couple of hiccups they did move home rather well and we even made it home in time to watch the first session of General Conference!!  Moving cows, watching conference and just being home as a family was exactly what I needed after an exhausting week in Edmonton!!!

I love having the cows home and hearing them moo, it makes living on the farm feel complete!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Calum is 9

I have been thinking Calum already turned 9, long before he actually did!! Oops!!  He's a big, solid boy who looks older than he is!!  To celebrate his big day we had Grandpa Glen, Grandma Puzey, Buck, Arren Gilbert and Lily over!  We had the typical chili cheese dogs, so yummy, and a fancy cake!!  He is so into Legends of Zelda right now I decided to make him Link's shield!!!  Much harder than I thought it would be!!  I tried to use fondant to decorate it and that didn't go well, so back to plain old buttercream frosting!!  It turned out not too bad, but definitely not my best work!!

He was given great gifts, mostly money!!! YAY!!! And some Legends of Zelda action figures he has had his eye on for quite some time!!  He was pretty happy!

Sunday for his actual birthday we had Grandma Debbie and Owen and Grandma Puzey over for a real quick dinner as I had to leave for the Symposium in Edmonton that afternoon!  Calum was pretty bummed out that I had to leave on his birthday but Jared made up for it by watching a funny movie with them! 

Friday when I got home from the Symposium Jared and I took Calum out for his one on one date night with us!  I convinced him to get a hair cut but the payoff was eating at McDonald's for his birthday meal!!!  We also took him shopping where he spent some of his money he got from his birthday on Pokemon cards and a video game!  We then went to see the Lego Ninjago Movie, it was good, maybe not as good as the original Lego Movie, but still good!  He loved it!!  Coming home that night he rested his head on the centre console and entwined his stubby little fingers in my hair!  He fell asleep this way, I loved it! 

He is such a kind, tender hearted little boy.  He is loud and full of spirit, but I love him to pieces!!  He worries about what is happening in the world and gets saddened by all the violence out there!  He cares for his brother and sister and shows us little glimpses of his kindness from time to time!  I love doing these one on one dates with our kids, it gives them a chance to talk without competition and they open up more than they would with their siblings around!!

Happy Birthday to a very special 9 year old!!! We love you so much!!!