Friday, June 30, 2017

First Broken Bone...Make that Three

On June 16, 2017 I broke my ankle!! Ouch is right!!!  After Armin's Kindergarten Grad the night before we decided to head to Little Bow and camp for the weekend.  Armin was beyond excited!! He told his teachers that he was going camping for 4 days and he would get to ride his bike all over the place!!  We got there late Thursday evening, well before dark.  We backed our trailer in and had a campfire before heading to bed.  Everyone was very tired and all the was quiet before we knew it!!

The next morning the kids and had a little sleep in, until around 8:30am while Jared headed into work for the day.  As soon as the boys were awake they got dressed and out they went to ride their bikes, I was sure I would have to go look for them at some point to get some breakfast in them, but for the moment I let them be free!!!  Emry too got up and off she went on her bike too!!!  I got myself somewhat ready for the day before I headed out to use the bathroom.  Well, I didn't make it very far because as I stepped out of the trailer both my ankles collapsed under me.  I heard a horrible crack sound and down I went, right to the ground.  I looked at my ankles to see where all the pain was coming from and noticed that my left ankle had a good sized scrape down the front and my right ankle was all cock eyed.  OUCH!! I carefully grabbed my right ankle and brought it back facing straight, yes that hurt, a lot!!  But I'm thankful I did that, it prevented it from being done in the hospital.  I sat there for quite some time wondering what to do.  I was all alone.  The kids were off biking and Jared was at work.  I prayed that Emry would drive by soon so we could get some help, I knew my ankle was broken.  I sat and sat until finally the camp management drove up in her golf cart.  She happened to be coming to collect our registration since the office was closed the night before.  As soon as she saw me sitting there she asked if I was okay, I told her I was pretty sure I broke my ankle.  She got Jared's phone number and said she would drive to the top of the hill and call him and then she said she would look for Emry!  She did find Emry and she came right to the site when she was told what happened.  When she saw me she instantly went white.  Poor girl, she was brave though, once Calum came back she got him playing a game with her so he didn't get a chance to worry about me.  He did cover my foot with his sweater though, what a sweet, thoughtful boy.  We had to wait for Jared to come, he was north of Vulcan when he got the call.  He turned around right then but it still took about an hour and a half before he got to us.  Armin finally showed up to, but wasn't interested in me being hurt so off he went again!!!  He did make it back when Jared got there and after getting me in the van we all headed to the hospital in Vulcan.

I got in rather quickly and was even able to have an x-ray before the lab closed for lunch.  The x-ray showed that it was indeed broken so they fitted me with an aircast and said I would probably head to Calgary where an orthopedic surgeon was going to look at it.  We left the hospital and took the kids for lunch, we got the call while they were eating to head to Calgary.  We dropped the kids off with Mark and my Mom and on we went.  We got to the South Health Campus by 4:00pm and again got in quite quickly.  I had another x-ray and ct scan then they put a partial cast on it and I was taken to a bed in the day surgery wing.  I actually broke three bones.  One near the top of my shin, and two in my ankle.  I was told I did in fact need surgery.  They needed to put plates and pins in to support the bones that broke, the ones right on the joint.  They would do nothing with the bone in my shin, he will heal itself.  They gave me morphine for the pain and said my surgery would probably be the next day sometime, they needed a little extra time to get my blood regulated.  My INR levels were actually quite high for performing surgery.  Too thin, so I would bleed a lot more than necessary.  I was given three oral doses of potassium and one through intravenous to bring my INR down.  Finally, it was at the right level by mid afternoon on Saturday.  I was so hungry, I had to stop eating before midnight the night before, but really I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before.

The anesthesiologist was so dry, I almost started laughing because it was comedic how dry he was.  But I refrained.  He finally convinced me that having an epidural was the way to go, I did tell him I didn't want to be awake at all through the surgery, he said with the epidural they also give me something that will make me sleepy.  It was my first epidural even with having three kids.  And it wasn't as bad or as scary as I thought it would be.  It took me awhile to come out of it in recovery.  It worried Jared because they told him 2-3 hours tops, well 6 hours later he was quite concerned.  I was wheeled into my room shortly after that and then into another room in the orthopedic wing where I would be staying for a few days until they could get my blood levels back up to normal.  I had no feeling in my right leg for quite a few hours and even into the next day.  But it slowly came back, a weird sensation.  Jared brought the kids and Myrna to see me that afternoon.  It was nice to see them, Emry was pretty teary, my poor girl!!  Armin missed me laying with him at night, but they were well taken care of.  I ended up staying in the hospital until Tuesday at lunch time.  Everything was back to normal, well, except that I couldn't put any weight on my broken ankle for 6 weeks.

I saw the surgeon again yesterday and she said it is healing nicely, they took the staples out, which I couldn't look at and it did hurt.  4 more weeks with no weight bearing and then I see the surgeon again.

Its going to be a long summer, and I feel bad for ruining the kids summer.  But we have had lots of offers to take them to the pool which is about all we were going to do anyway.  But camping will be limited, I'm scared to go now.  For never having broken a bone I sure did it up good.  I guess the saying is true, go big or go home!!!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kindergarten Grad

Armin is all finished Kindergarten for another year!!!  He is so ready for Grade One, but will miss his two wonderful teachers. He has had two amazing years with Mrs. Kaiser and Mrs. Moore.  We celebrated this milestone with a little graduation.  Each child wore a cap and gown and walked in while Mrs. Kaiser introduced them.  Armin said he wants to be a police officer, a dad and a ninja spy! We've been watching episodes of American Ninja Warrior and now Armin is training to be a ninja warrior!! He even tied a rope to our railing and hung it down the stairs and swings on it!!!

The four kids performed two songs and did such a good job, for only having 4 in their class they sure have good lungs!!  They were then awarded with their diploma and award.  Armin was awarded the Triple A Award, Artistic, Athletic and Attitude.  He went to school with a smile on his face and always included everyone in what he was playing. The Kindergarten Board then presented the kids with a gift bag full of fun things, bubbles, a slinky, candy and a book with a bookmark!!!  We had cupcakes and fruit salad and veggies with lemonade as a refreshment.  It was over in 45 minutes and was a perfect end to an amazing kindergarten year!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Well, I honestly think May and June are busier than the month of Christmas!! With camping, buying a new truck, and kids in all different kinds of sports, I feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions!!  Since we took our camper out last month we have really got the bug to go camping again!  Hopefully Father's Day weekend!! We won't be going in July because of haying and Trek but we will plan on some trips in August and maybe even September too!! 

We have been on the hunt for a truck to pull our trailer and to use for basic farm things.  I'm not sure exactly how it happened but all of a sudden we were the very remorseful owners of a brand new Dodge Ram.  I shouldn't say remorseful because we are enjoying our truck and all the endless possibilities it will offer us, but we could have gotten a used truck and still kept our van for the same price we paid for a new one.  Oh, well, live and learn!!

Golf has finished, and the kids had a blast!  Emry loved her instructors, two women, she was even given a set of clubs from the Golf Pro to keep!!! They were donated and specified to be given to a girl in the golf program who would use them!!!  Jared has taken Emry out once to the course in Vulcan, but he also mowed three holes with fairways into the grass in front of Myrna's house!! They have played that once as well!!! There is still plenty of summer left for them to practice and play!  Even Armin did a round on the Puzey Par 3!!

Baseball is in full swing for both Calum and Armin!! They are loving it!  Armin not only plays for the Champion team but he also plays in Vulcan on the Little Tykes soccer and baseball team!! We are on the go every night with something, but it is good to be busy and active and the kids like it, so that's really all that matters!!!

My house is in shambles both inside and out!! We are finding we are so tired by the end of the day to do basic yard and house chores!  Bless Emry's heart though, she has been a huge help to Jared and I.  Whether it be tidying up inside or mowing the lawn, she is always willing to help out! 

Work is winding down for the summer, look out house, I plan on decluttering every room before summer is over!!!  I am nervous about my new position at work, I am officially the new Family Literacy Coordinator for Rainbow Literacy!! I get to work with the facilitators for the programs we offer (Time for Rhymes, Building Blocks, Books for Babies, Mentorship and B.A.S.I.S).  I also get to help facilitate any of the programs when needed!  I won't be doing anything with QuickBooks any more, yay!!!  Oh, wait yes I will, I am the new Treasurer for our Water Co-op.  But it will be a lot more basic and user friendly!!

I am still the Chair for our School Council Board but am now Vice Chair for the Kindergarten Board!!  So a little less busy that's for sure!!  I so enjoy being involved with the school and working so closely with Jody, our principal!!  Next week I get to volunteer with Calum's class for the Scientists in School program!!

Emry will have another set of braces put on this summer, and will have to wear them for a year and a half!! She's not nervous at all, thankfully she has had them before and knows what to expect!  Both Calum and Armin learned how to ride a bike last month and are tearing it up all over the farm!!!  They have both endured the typical handle bars to the chest injury, and had a scrape across their chest.  Nothing too major!!

We are almost finished calving, about 5 left.  They are coming so slowly!!  Oh, well!! We are walking the cows down to their summer home, the pasture in the sand, on Saturday, hopefully it's as nice a day as it was this past weekend!!

Emry received a flower at Young Women in Recognition on Sunday night.  She got it for completing an entire value in her personal progress book.  There are eight (I think) and each value has a 10 hour project with at least 6 experiences they need to finish!  Most of the experiences are things they are already doing everyday so its not really that hard to complete but it still takes time and planning!!

Our life these past couple of months in a nut shell!!  I look forward to some time off this summer and plan on spending it cleaning up our house and swimming at our local pool!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

May Long Weekend

Our May long weekend started a little earlier than usual!  We were able to reserve a camp site at Little Bow Park from Thursday to Monday.  So Thursday after Jared and I were finished work we headed home and packed our clothes, food and sleeping bags and we headed down to the park!!  Our campsite was perfect, nice and big with a couple of big climbing trees, a fire pit and a picnic table!!  We have NEVER gone camping on May long weekend or ever had the desire to go, the weather is always miserable and its not even summer yet!! But since we bought our new camper we were itching to try it out!  And if the weather turned miserable as it usually does we could always cuddle up inside a nice warm trailer with a working furnace!!!!  Or we could pack up and head home!!!  As is uncommon for us our regular bad luck did not follow us this particular weekend...the weather was gorgeous, everyday was nicer than the one before, the perfect temperature made for a perfect camping trip.


Friday morning Jared woke up early to head home to check cows before heading to work for the day.  The kids and I just hung out at the campsite, we went to the beach where they all built sand castles and the boys went in the water.  It was so cold, Emry braved it up to her knees and then came back to sit on the warm sand.  We had hot dogs and smores over the fire that night and went to bed way too late.

Saturday we were treated to pancakes and sausage by Jared and then headed into Claresholm to look at a truck, we were just looking and getting a feel for how much it would cost to get into a turns out that it would cost too much to get everything we would want!  So, back to the campsite we went and headed straight for the beach, another gorgeous day for building sand castles and swimming!!  Myrna, my mom and Mark joined us for delicious hamburgers flame broiled over the fire!!  We hung out and visited while the kids rode bikes and played with new found friends.

Sunday we got up early and headed home where we showered and got ready to go to church!  It turned out that our neighbors at the campsite were also members and were at church too!!  Later that afternoon they came over to our site and visited for awhile, and then that evening they invited us over to their site to teach us a new card game!  It was lots of fun getting to know them.  Funny how small our world can become when we let people into our lives!!!  Myrna came back to the park and had fire broiled steak and baked potatoes with us.  Sooooo yummy!!!  By this day, Calum mastered riding a bike so we hardly saw him and Armin had made a friend so we hardly saw him too!!

Sadly, Monday was our last day.  We didn't get up too early or really start packing up until noon.  We just enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We didn't have to go inside the trailer much. Calum hung out a little bit in there to either play with his action figures or to play on his DS.  It was nice to crawl into when we wanted a quick little afternoon nap, but we played cards around the fire, cooked on the fire or the stove we brought, and just enjoyed being together.  Armin too, by our last day mastered riding a bike.  I was so proud of our boys and how quickly they caught on!!

It was a great May long weekend, with many new memories made.  Thankfully our new to us camper did not blow over in the wicked wind we had yesterday, so we will get much use out of it this summer and for many more to come!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring Fling and Mother's Day

Last Thursday was the Spring Fling at the School! The kids did such a great job!  Calum's class played 2 songs on the recorder, he was so cute doing this.  With every note he blew into the recorder he would nod his head!!!  He also danced in a flash mob for the song Uptown Funk played by the Junior High Band!!! You could tell he was shy but he did it right along with the rest of the kiddos, I was so proud of him!!!

Emry is playing the trumpet in school and has really been enjoying it, she has come a long way since the beginning of the year and can almost play all the notes!!

Last week we also surprised the kids with a new to us camper!  We do really enjoy camping but tenting it was getting a bit old, especially when we like going to Waterton and we can't be sure we won't break any tent poles with the gale force winds there!!!  Jared happened to be driving to Little Bow for work when he saw a camper for sale on the side of the road, he got the number and called them later that day.  They were asking $3500 for it so Jared thought he'd offer $3000 and they readily accepted!!! So we became the proud owners of a 1976 Prowler!!! 

We told the kids we were going out on a date Friday night, when really we were picking up our trailer.  We got pizza to bring home and eat in the camper with the kids.  Were they ever surprised!! Speechless surprised!!!!  They checked out every nook and cranny, opened the bunk beds and just enjoyed the space!!  We couldn't sleep in it that night because we had a really early morning the next day but we did sleep in it Saturday night and had a great sleep!! The boys even slept in!!! We aren't planning on taking it very far as we don't really have a truck to pull it with, we are just using the one ton right now.  But we have a trip to Little bow planned for this weekend, weird, I never thought I'd be one of those people who camp on May Long Weekend, but here we are and super excited!!!  Being at Little Bow gives Jared the opportunity to go home and do his cattle chores when its his turn, or field work if he needs to!! And the best thing, no cell reception or wifi, so it will just be us and nature for 4 whole days!!


  As for Mother's Day, it was a very nice day!! We were able to go to church where we were spoiled with homemade gifts from the Primary kids and chocolates from the Ward.  We had my Mom and Mark and Owen over for dinner, where we had an easy meal of steak and baked potatoes.  I had a nap and just enjoyed being with my family.  I am so thankful for the two mom's I have.  They both inspire me in different ways and are wonderful examples to me of what a mother should be.  I always wanted to be a mom and am so thankful I have had the opportunity to be one 3 times over!  Though, I won't lie, it is hard, harder than I thought it would be. But at the end of the day when I am laying in bed reviewing all I am thankful for, my children always come to mind first!! Even though they are loud, they fight and make messes, I love each one so much.  I love how unique they all are, and how different they are. It was a beautiful Mother's Day!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Delude Goat Farm

Last week the Kindergarten class went out to the Delude's to see their baby pygmy goats!!  With such a small class this year we were able to all fit in two cars and away we went on the short 10 minute drive to their farm.  It was a beautiful day, very hot already for mid morning!  The baby goats were about a month old and a little hard to catch to be able to hold, but the kids had fun trying!! 

They also got to feed the momma goats some oats, as well as the llama!  It was nice to have Mackenzie and Diane there to answer any questions the kids had and to catch a baby goat or two for the kids to hold!  It was a great field trip for the kids and for the adults too! 

When Jared saw the picture of Armin holding a baby goat he said he wanted to get one for him!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Alas, We Have a Teenager!!!!

Emry turned 13 last week!! How is that possible? She is such a delight to have around!!  I love my kind hearted, fun loving, sensitive girl!  She had lots to celebrate for her 13th birthday! 

It started with a birthday dinner on the day of her birthday.  We had Uncle Buck, Auntie Arren, Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark, Grandpa Glen, Gilbert and Lily over to help us celebrate.  I made homemade spaghetti sauce the night before so it was staying warm in the slow cooker all day!  Our house smelled amazing for the big event!!  One of Emry's favourite meals is spaghetti so we had that and garlic bread.  We had her favourite dessert too, no bake cheesecake!

Saturday, Jared and I took Emry to the city to go shopping for some clothes and out for a nice dinner!  It was the first time we had been with her just one on one!  It was so fun being with her in that element!  She found some cute golf shirts and shorts and even a pair of capris!!! Spoiled girl!!!

Sunday, we celebrated her special day with Grandma Puzey!  We had her other favourite meal of salmon!  It turned out to be really yummy, a new recipe I tried that had me marinate the salmon for a few hours, this really was flavourful!! We also had mint lemonade slush and baked potatoes!  Another great celebration for a great girl!

I am so thankful for our girl!  I couldn't ask for a better daughter.  She is extremely helpful, she plays with her younger brothers, she helps Jared with the cows (and loves every minute of it!!), she is kind and inquisitive!!  She has a passion for the cows and knows them almost as well as Jared does!  She has many great ideas and often comes up with one before Jared and I has had a chance to think a problem through!  She is neat and tidy and likes things in their proper place!  I couldn't imagine anyone else fulfilling the role of a lifelong friend!  I love her to pieces and am so thankful I get to be her mom!  Happy birthday to a very special girl!!