Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Well, I honestly think May and June are busier than the month of Christmas!! With camping, buying a new truck, and kids in all different kinds of sports, I feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions!!  Since we took our camper out last month we have really got the bug to go camping again!  Hopefully Father's Day weekend!! We won't be going in July because of haying and Trek but we will plan on some trips in August and maybe even September too!! 

We have been on the hunt for a truck to pull our trailer and to use for basic farm things.  I'm not sure exactly how it happened but all of a sudden we were the very remorseful owners of a brand new Dodge Ram.  I shouldn't say remorseful because we are enjoying our truck and all the endless possibilities it will offer us, but we could have gotten a used truck and still kept our van for the same price we paid for a new one.  Oh, well, live and learn!!

Golf has finished, and the kids had a blast!  Emry loved her instructors, two women, she was even given a set of clubs from the Golf Pro to keep!!! They were donated and specified to be given to a girl in the golf program who would use them!!!  Jared has taken Emry out once to the course in Vulcan, but he also mowed three holes with fairways into the grass in front of Myrna's house!! They have played that once as well!!! There is still plenty of summer left for them to practice and play!  Even Armin did a round on the Puzey Par 3!!

Baseball is in full swing for both Calum and Armin!! They are loving it!  Armin not only plays for the Champion team but he also plays in Vulcan on the Little Tykes soccer and baseball team!! We are on the go every night with something, but it is good to be busy and active and the kids like it, so that's really all that matters!!!

My house is in shambles both inside and out!! We are finding we are so tired by the end of the day to do basic yard and house chores!  Bless Emry's heart though, she has been a huge help to Jared and I.  Whether it be tidying up inside or mowing the lawn, she is always willing to help out! 

Work is winding down for the summer, look out house, I plan on decluttering every room before summer is over!!!  I am nervous about my new position at work, I am officially the new Family Literacy Coordinator for Rainbow Literacy!! I get to work with the facilitators for the programs we offer (Time for Rhymes, Building Blocks, Books for Babies, Mentorship and B.A.S.I.S).  I also get to help facilitate any of the programs when needed!  I won't be doing anything with QuickBooks any more, yay!!!  Oh, wait yes I will, I am the new Treasurer for our Water Co-op.  But it will be a lot more basic and user friendly!!

I am still the Chair for our School Council Board but am now Vice Chair for the Kindergarten Board!!  So a little less busy that's for sure!!  I so enjoy being involved with the school and working so closely with Jody, our principal!!  Next week I get to volunteer with Calum's class for the Scientists in School program!!

Emry will have another set of braces put on this summer, and will have to wear them for a year and a half!! She's not nervous at all, thankfully she has had them before and knows what to expect!  Both Calum and Armin learned how to ride a bike last month and are tearing it up all over the farm!!!  They have both endured the typical handle bars to the chest injury, and had a scrape across their chest.  Nothing too major!!

We are almost finished calving, about 5 left.  They are coming so slowly!!  Oh, well!! We are walking the cows down to their summer home, the pasture in the sand, on Saturday, hopefully it's as nice a day as it was this past weekend!!

Emry received a flower at Young Women in Recognition on Sunday night.  She got it for completing an entire value in her personal progress book.  There are eight (I think) and each value has a 10 hour project with at least 6 experiences they need to finish!  Most of the experiences are things they are already doing everyday so its not really that hard to complete but it still takes time and planning!!

Our life these past couple of months in a nut shell!!  I look forward to some time off this summer and plan on spending it cleaning up our house and swimming at our local pool!!


  1. Now thats a truck! Welcome back masculinity (Jared :) ) Wow I got worn out just reading about it!

  2. oh man! you guys have been busy!!!! Congrats to Emry on finishing a value! thats super exciting!!!

    And enjoy camping!!! Maybe we can meet up sometime!!! Miss you guys!

    1. Oh I miss you guys too!!! Meeting up to camp would be lots of fun!!! Let me know what your schedule is!!!!