Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Emry was able to participate in a Pioneer Trek this summer with our Stake and Cranbrook Stake.  The trek took place near Cranbrook on the Mallard farm.  Jared and I were supposed to go as a Ma and Pa but since I broke my ankle we had to back out.  Emry was so nervous about going without us but she didn't once say that she didn't want to go, I was proud of her for being brave.  We didn't take her up, she caught a ride with Dave and Char, so I had no idea who her Ma and Pa would be or if there was anyone in her family she knew.  Her Ma and Pa turned out to be from our Stake, so she will see them often and develop the relationship she made with them.  She also was in a family with Cora, I was so happy about that because I knew Cora would take her under her wing and introduce her to other kids.  It was a great experience for Emry, she came home a much more mature young woman.

The trek was a lot of hard work, the first day was a big day, a lot of walking in extreme heat.  But Emry preserved and didn't get sick.  The first two nights the kids slept in a tent, one night they slept in it without the fly so they could see the stars, the next two nights they slept out in the open and saw lots of shooting stars.  Emry said they saw one that went slowly right across the entire sky.  Pretty cool experience. There were lots of re-enactments along the way to show the kids what the early Saints went through to get to the Salt Lake Valley.  She really thought the one about Porter Rockwell was the best.  When we went out to bring her home we were able to watch the entire group crest over the hill and walk into the yard.  A truly neat experience.  After they all gathered in a circle in the yard there was one last re-enactment.  A husband and wife were at the top of the hill with their handcart and small family.  The husband collapsed and it was up to the wife to carry on.  You could see her on her knees praying and then out of nowhere angels in white came to the wagon and helped her push the remaining way.  It was powerful and I truly felt the spirit of what the Saints had to endure.  I so wish Jared and I could have been there throughout the entire Trek, but the Lord knows what we can handle and he probably knew I wouldn't be able to physically do the Trek.

It was so good to see our girl walking in with her family.  Once she was close enough we gave her a hug and welcomed her home!!  Her Ma and Pa told Jared and I that she was an absolute delight to have in their family, she was a hard worker and never complained...hmmmmm!!!!  Not quite the Emry I pictured but I was happy to hear this...just kidding!!! She is an exceptional girl and I wasn't really surprised when they told me this!!!  Her Uncle Bob too, pulled us aside and told us how wonderful she was.  He said each family had to have a good dynamic to work and she was a big part of their family dynamic being a good one!!!  She wanted to go right home instead of staying for the lunch, we told her we could stop at Boston Pizza in Fernie and she was all over that!!!  She said she was craving pizza all week!!!

I was glad she had the experience to endure a small piece of what our early Latter-day Saints had to endure.  It gave her a deeper understanding of their suffering and all they had to leave behind to find a better life.  I am grateful she is being raised in such a wonderful church, that she has had these teachings starting from such a young age.  She is a remarkable young woman, who I love with all my heart.


  1. I'm so glad Em's enjoyed herself! Don't sell yourself short you would of made out just fine:)

  2. Glad she enjoyed it. There were some wicked tough hills.